Thursday, September 13, 2007

On Returning & Holidays

I stopped blogging on a regular basis over the summer because a "lurker" on the site was causing some concern and I just didn't want to be bothered (with the lurker). If you're a blogger, you know what that means. Or maybe not.

Lurker aka someone who loiters on your site - i.e. following what you're writing, commenting regularly, even blogging on THEIR blog about you and creating a general pain in the toochas presence. It's the modern day equivalent of a stalker. Sorta.

"My lurker" is still around but sometimes you just gotta say: W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R.


In the interim, here in Holy Land Central (HLC) we're smack dab midway through celebratin' the Jewish calendar New Year. Which means a lot of visiting with relatives, lavish gifts (think Christmas without the eggnog or blinking lights), vacation travel, long days that sometimes include afternoon naps - mercy! - praying for those inclined to pray and the general feel of new beginnings.

I don't pray and I'm not religious. At all. Ironic since here I am in Holy Land Central - er, Israel for those not familiar with the HLC term.

I prefer to think of my being here as calculated. I'm here in HLC because I'm not religious. I like my heritage and the customs that go along with it but I'm not motivated in the "go to synagogue" or perform routine rituals sorta way.

So in floods the logic: If I live here in HLC, I don't have to do anything and... Voila! I still get my heritage thing on because there's no way a person can AVOID the holidays when the entire country shuts down to celebrate them. Pretty darned clever, eh?

Religious minded folk out there might beg to differ but that's exactly why they're going to the house of worship and I'm not. (While you're there, mind putting in a few good words for my heathen soul? Much obliged. Thanks).


See ya soon. Time for a nap.

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mother in israel said...

Steph, you're really Israeli now!