Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cubicle Hell

When I lived in San Francisco, I pulled a short stint as a "video coordinator" for Macromedia's advertising department. My job was to sit and watch CD-Rom's that had been Made With Macromedia. Adverts, mini-movies, cool music videos and the like from all over the world. I catalogued the video and picked out the best of the heap for the ad department to run in campaigns.

Until that point, I had never worked in a cubicle. And after that job, I swore never to do it again. Cubicles, I decided then, are modern day insanity-inducers robbing people of human contact and comraderie while also stealing privacy - you hear every phone conversation from the other side of that walled "rat maze".

Don't agree? Watch this video and see if you don't get caught between that sad/pitiful place of laughing out loud and wanting to cry.

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