Saturday, April 23, 2005

Today's my Birthday!!

Well here I sit...Entering my first blog bit on my ___th birthday (past the third decade and that's all to be revealed, thanks)...It seemed fitting to start blogging today.

As for the day, it's now late afternoon and aside from Raphael (my son)'s father crashing our mutual Jeep today and phoning from the scene asking me to please come pick up our son - thank god, everyone was fine - it has been mellow. Definitely doesn't feel like a birthday and I'm sort of sad that I'm not celebrating in any way or feeling that wonderful, butterflies-in-the-stomache feeling from childhood. Zilch.

I'm a bit ticked about the Jeep bit. Not that he had the accident but that I just don't feel like being consumed with a "Tonny drama" today. It's now 3 hours after the time that he phoned up and I left the house to pick up Raphael at the scene of, spoke with police, came home, went downstairs to visit the neighbors and came back up to do some computer stuff and Tonny is still ranting - albeit more quietly now. From following me downstairs to tell the neighbors about it, to re-telling the story over and over again ad nauseum.

I understand the stress and shock of an accident - Hell, I had one with this jeep a mere 5 months ago which tipped off the breakup between Tonny and myself. But call me babyish or selfish...Today's my birthday, for Christ's sake.

Incidentally, the jeep isn't badly damaged at all - a minor dent. But both Tonny and the other guy are claiming that the other is resonsible! The insurance companies will now battle it out...wonderful. I can't imagine our rates soaring any higher so let's hope we win this one...OY!

Happy birthday to me!

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