Thursday, December 08, 2005

Light at the Tunnel's End

For months now I've twisted my proverbial handkerchief in angst watching as my small monster - otherwise known as Raphael, my 4-year-old - suffers our move. From not knowing how to relate to the kids, to not having friends to disliking school to feeling left out because of lacking language skills, it has not been smooth sailing for him.

This week, however, Raph did a few things I haven't seen him do for some time: He sang to himself contentedly while dancing his way down the street and he ventured inside a cafe to ask for what he wanted rather than hiding behind my skirt folds.

I'm not saying we're clear and free - he still doesn't have a special friend just yet - but these small signs provide at least some respite.


Emah S said...

So good to he speaking hebrew yet? (wasn't sure if you meant that he asked in the cafe in hebrew?) Watching the kids has got to be the hardest part of it all....hang in there!

enjoying your blog,

Stephanie said...

No hebrew yet..words here and there. But he also seems less bothered by it. Almost like that magical 3-month period people described kicked in..!