Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Pub Treats

Several days ago while walking Atticus the Wonder Dog on a brisk, pre-dawn Saturday, I noticed a sign on the window of one of our popular, neighborhood pub/cafe's:

From Sunday to Sunday, starting at 9 p.m. each night, Hannuka Menorah lighting and donuts here at the Pub!

Being of paranoid persuasion, my first thought was: Where's the catch? Do I have to buy something?

But then, reflecting on the type of place this pub/cafe' is - neighborhood hang out, young and cool yet laid back crowd, warm and friendly, cozy, tea lights adorning each table - I decided there was no catch. The intent of pulling people together for the holiday was probably genuine.

So in order to check it out firsthand without feeling like the weirdo, neighborhood lady showing up for free entertainment with a limping dog, I used my small child as decoy. After all, an adult with 4-year-old in tow wanting to partake of Hannuka festivity and get a complimentary donut for his/her kid is oh so legit, no?

The ploy worked. The minute the attractive, dark haired bartender, and chic-esqua server with bleached out, clipped hair and midriff baring, hip hugger jeans saw Monsieur Raphael in his Spiderman costume, they gushed.

How would Spiderman like to light candles tonight? they asked. Pyromania runs in the family. Yes, please. Then, with a wee bit of prompting from mommy, my little angel batted his eyelashes and shamelessly asked: "Can I have a donut too?" Such finesse.

Because the idea of a 4-year-old sidled up to the beer tap for candelabra lighting doesn't send people here shrieking over the invariability of a later-in-life alcoholic tendency, we were permitted to gather 'round Rapha on his bar stool, sing songs, light the lights and partake of confections.

There was no catch to the evening and no one even asked to see Rapha's ID (everyone knows Spiderman costumes don't have pockets). The 2nd night of Hannuka presented one of the simple but very nice perks of living here: Pop downstairs to the corner pub to enjoy the holiday with the neighbors..

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