Friday, November 03, 2006

Fridge Tales

Getting out of boxes and acclimating to the new apartment with Raphael is great. We actually had time to kick a soccer ball in the park the other night and this morning I accidentally slept until 8 a.m. ! (Slovenly. I'm slipping)

A share from the depths of moving Hell:

Purchased a fridge and washing machine from a discount warehouse chain store (Machsanei Chashmal for the locals) and upon delivery the two transporters:

1) arrived three hours late without apology - at 10 p.m., I exaggerate not
2) dropped the washing machine while mounting the stairs
3) took my utility room door off the hinges to move washing machine in and neglected to re hinge
4) announced it would cost an extra $40 to fit the fridge through the kitchen entrance - they would have to remove fridge doors

I threw a fit, ranted, raved (as is my style) refusing to pay a surplus charge. I demanded they bring it through for free in lieu of their late arrival. They refused. Their boss threatened to come to my apartment and...(?) I told them to take it all back to the warehouse. They left the washer.

The next day my rant continued over the phone. The company people backed their movers and put the blame on me. "Why didn't you refuse the washer? Why didn't you call and cancel when you saw they were running late?" etc. Typical. Typical. Typical. Offense as a defense.

Of course they would take that attitude. The place has a no refund/no return policy. I'm such a dork for not seeing that teensy weensy clause. Nor did I see the other clause stipulating an add-on fee for removing doors to install over sized items.

I asked them to re-deliver the fridge and leave it in my apartment entrance. A friend would come and help me - no surplus charge.

They delivered, departed and I stood contemplating the fridge. And gained instant wisdom. Using my Phillips I removed a jutting grill and then gingerly wheeled it through the kitchen door without removing doors, unhinging or paying add-no fees. It took two minutes. Bloody liar thieves.

Unbelievable, you say? Typical for what I refer to as the "old school", mobbed up type businesses here that operate as if they're in the shuk. The newer, younger companies - phone and mobile upstarts competing with the old school cobwebs - are diligent and service oriented.

My father asks why I stay. I have asked myself the same during this move and believe you me, when he suggested I move back and leave this hassle it was tempting as hell. In the face of adversity it's always an option.

I guess I stay because of recall. Life is difficult and messy and problematic. But I have recall here. I vividly remember what happens each day because of the vibrancy and hue of the mess. I am alive and living life in a very full way.

Does this mean I need hassle and struggle to feel alive? A question for the couch


Savtadotty said...

Bottom line: if you really like to shop, America is better. As Don Radlauer says in his newly-renamed blog, "You come for the stay for the taxes."

nikki said...

i hate that store.

when we made aliya 4+ years ago, the movers couldn't get our fridge in through the front door of our apartment(it is admittedly a large fridge). so rather than work with us to figure it out, they just left it in the hallway in front of our door blocking both our door and the staircase of the entire building. my husband figured out in ten minutes how to take off the fridge doors -- slid the fridge into the apartment and into place.

we found out afterwards that they were supposed to take off the doors for us to get it in. and we bought them drinks AND tipped them!

nice welcome we had.

i soooo understand.