Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Ambassador Bondage

I should let this one go. It has already made headlines ALL OVER the world and others have blogged about it and the story's almost old - it's been out for days.

But I can't.

Because the sensation is too much of a temptation.

WHAT WAS ISRAEL'S AMBASSADOR TO EL SALVADOR THINKING when he put on his bondage gear and got oh-so-flaming drunk only to be found in a near-naked stupor (save the bondage ball in his mouth) in his backyard by Salvadorean police? Clearly he wasn't thinking. And I guess we don't plan on our bondage masters leaving us tied to the backyard tree while they dash out off for coffee, hmmm?

Poor guy. He got his kink on and now his career is ruined.

Makes me think of two things: 1) Pee Wee Herman 2) That horrible bondage scene from Pulp Fiction

As if there wasn't ENOUGH attention directed to this part of the world! Geez.

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