Wednesday, June 13, 2007

No Pyramid, Please

Dear Well-Intentioned Friends:

Please don't misunderstand; This next bit is meant in the most loving and affectionate tone I can muster:

Stop with the agel.

Because when you call me and say: "I have a great line of business I've gotten into and I think you'd be perfect for it!"

And I ask: "Really? What's that?"

And you reply: "I'm having a meeting at my house on Wednesday and I'll tell you about it then..."

You lost me.

Yes I freelance from home; but that doesn't mean I've got spare time on my hands for "wonderful new products" that you claim have changed your lives. If it changed your life then you don't need me involved, now do you?

And by the way? if you're not willing to brief me about the deal first I don't have time to come by on Wednesday evening. I'm hecka busy. Way too busy for secretive generalization.

And as a reminder: I write and produce television for a living. I don't sell a gel or any gel. Especially if it involves pressuring my other friends into getting involved so that I can make a buck.

Kiddos: I'm American. We INVENTED pyramid schemes. Sheeyit.

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nikki said...

i have a friend who tried to get me into an investment pyramid, who insisted that it was *not* a pyramid and that i was absolutely guaranteed to make money (as if)... so my american self was skeptical from the get-go, and my risk analyst (!) husband and i had a good laugh. she definitely tried to link up with the wrong person... geez!