Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Israel Underwear

A family member recently underwent some pretty serious surgery that involved a pretty serious incision through her abdominal wall.

She's now recovering, thanks for asking. During the recent Rosh Ha'Shana (Jewish New Year) family get-together, I sat next to her during the festive meal.

She wasn't eating very much and she didn't seem to be able to assume a comfortable position. Not surprising. Abdominal surgery is a very painful way of finding out how much you actually use the muscles in that area.

We chatted about her procedure and recovery and between "Pass the baked chicken with tzimmes" and "Allow me to get that for you" my cousin - an Israeli who falls into the "hottie" category - remarked:

I hate having to wear this Golda Underwear.

This was a new one for me. But I knew EXACTLY what she was talking about and snorted so loudly my relatives at the other end of the expansive table urged: "Drink something and it'll go down!"

I know you know the style of undies too if you know who Golda was.

I guess that over here in Mid-East land, that kind of HUGE underwear like Pee Wee used to keep around the playhouse for laughs is termed Golda Underwear after the former Prime Minister.

I'm pretty sure Golda didn't go around flaunting her underthings. But isn't it, like, obvious she wore that style?

I could write that she's turning in her grave just about now but somehow I doubt it. She'd probably remark: "So? What of it?"


Emah S said...

We always called them "Granny Panties" :) I like "golda underwear" too!

Shana tova!!

Stefanella said...

Thanks, to you too. Granny underwear. t'ain't exactly a thong, now is it?

mens underwear catalog said...

ha! this is hilarious. I lived in israel a while ago, golda underwear hahaha thats cute. Im sorry about your family member i hope she gets better real soon!