Saturday, May 20, 2006

Climbing Everest

You have to feel for the delegation member who didn't make it on this one. Can you imagine trekking all that way in the name of peace and getting stuck at 23,000 feet? Why yes, actually, I can. Think: Oslo Implementation...

And just when you think Iran might be settling down a bit and taking a breather from that long, hard decade at the plutonium enrichment plant, there goes the regime again kicking it up with new and improved rhetoric. Only this time it's a true-to-life parliamentary proposal for a National Uniform Law. And no, it won't be that cute little French maid outfit with the stiletto heels.

If the National Uniform Law passes, the country's minority religions get singled out: Jews get to wear yellow ribbons, Christians get red and Zoroastrians get blue. Just in case anyone was questioning the country's blatant isolationistic & extremist tactics, this will keep us all in check. The law need only be approved by mild mannered religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei to go into effect. This is the same fellow who views human rights as a "weapon in the hands of our enemies to fight Islam".

Rabbi Marvin Heir at L.A.'s Simon Wiesenthal Center is demanding that the UN/Kofi Annan get involved. With all due respect, are you kidding?

Israel internal security minister Avi Dichter's response is more amusing:
..he who will force Jews, wherever they may be, to wear yellow badges will eventually find himself in a casket covered in black cloth.

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