Sunday, May 07, 2006

No Fair!

I just saw advertised that Black Eyed Peas are kicking off their Europe tour with a concert here in HLC (Holy Land Central) next month. Yahoo! Me gots to get tickies. I really like their spunk and would like to see their interaction live. Follow, click and listen here. Me likes.

On another note, out enjoying the beautiful beach weather yesterday with cousins when I overhear them ringing up an Eilat friend over the cellphone. In short, they ask if said friend will pop into one of the local hotels to secure a room for visiting American friends.

Now you may ask why the Americans don't simply ring up the hotel and secure the room themselves being grown adults and all. Clever you.

Because the hoteliers assume their wallets are also quite grown up and fat too. If the Americans book, the per night charge is $200. If, on the other hand, an Israeli reserves the room on their behalf, the rate drops in half.

Tsk tsk. You hotel industry/restaurateurs have already been written up in the press about this double standard; You should know better. Don't you know people talk?


Nicole said...

do you know who selling tickets and how much they are? I can't find them on any of the online ticket sites.

Stephanie said...

Apparently you can only get them via Orange (the cellphone company) and they range from 149-189. Try: *5050..If you know of any Orange clients, let me know. I want to get some too but I'm Cellcom...slf

Nicole said...

Thanks for the tip Stef - I got 2 tickets today. Sorry, I checked and you can only buy 2 tickets per phone, otherwise I would have got some for you too.

Stephanie said...

Good on you. My cousin's gonna get me tix too! See you there, eh? slf