Monday, April 23, 2007

Happy Birthday, Israel

59, eh?

You're looking pretty good. Although sometimes you could use a good scrub around the edges to get rid of the grime. But it's part of your appeal and charm.

Speaking of, you certainly are a spry 59. Something about you seems to bubble with vibrant energy and life. Even when you're going through tough times.

And haven't you been a "quick study" in terms of world wisdom? Coming up to speed with the frontrunners in the realms of medicine, science, computer technology, bio-tech...How do you manage?

If you'll allow me to make a suggestion however - what are friends for anyway? - keep your eyes open when it comes to the neighbors (you know which ones I mean) but don't stop going to the socials. You just never know which of the other neighbors might surprise you in a positive way.

And a final suggestion: Take better care of yourself. Get more fresh air, try to stay clean and not use up all your energy, find creative and inventive ways of tapping into your natural resources and be sure to have plenty of fresh water on hand.

Stay out of harm's way and keep on keeping on. Happy B-Day, Big I.

Your devoted

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