Friday, April 20, 2007

Super Size Sex

Traipsing through the blogosphere this morning, I found the "in synch" of Mideast Piece with Details Magazine rather interesting.

Details' May issue features a story by Elisa Ludwig on obesity and sex. "A lot of girls who like large men are in the closet," claims 336-pound story subject Jorge Rivera. "It's like the new gay."

"Rivera is a gainer: an enthusiastic participant in the expanding subculture of feederism in which fat fetishists get aroused by "growing" themselves or their
romantic partners, consuming their way to morbid obesity."

The synchronicity with MidEast Piece's 1) gay themed content 2) blog entry noting growing waistlines in the MidEast as compared with America is conveniently coincidental.

The Details article is pretty darned eye opening. FYI the May issue came out yesterday in New York and LA and hits the stands elsewhere on April 24.


John said...

Ew. Eating is the new gay? God. Where did the normal people go?

Stefanella said...

Did you read the article? Roman Empire anyone? slf

Benji Lovitt said...

What does this mean for us thin guys? I knew I shouldn't have started eating so healthy.

noorster said...

...because nothing says sexy like type 2 diabetes or a few clogged arteries. Gah.