Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Bloody Rollercoaster Ride...

...and I'm not even there.

Viewing the UN Security Council Session, hearing Lebanon's acting Foreign Minister Tareq Mitri seemingly plead for support, my heart ached.

Then hearing Israel's Ambassador Danny Gillerman pose the question of how long Israel should be expected to endure cross border raids & katyusha attacks despite withdrawal 6 years ago, my spine straightened as a level of understanding and comradery rushed in.

Things are hot again and each time the temps warm up a sense of foreboding grows stronger. Syria's military on high alert. Iran eschewing, at least verbally, the latest UN resolution calling for a halt to nuclear development... & then Cuba's Castro, in power for nearly 5 decades, goes and puts his brother Raul in charge of the military, government and country at large while he goes under the knife to fix an intestinal problem.

Criminy! Nothing like a little instability (where there never was any to begin with, let's be frank), hmmmm?

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