Tuesday, August 08, 2006


What infinite energies are wasted steeling oneself against crisis that seldom comes: the strength to move mountains; and yet it is perhaps this very waste, this torturous wait for things that never happen, which prepares the way and allows one to accept with sinister serenity the beast at last in view...Truman Capote, Summer Crossing

Getting ready for our return to Tel Aviv I've been wolfing down information and news via blogs, e-mail exchange, IM conversations, radio, telephone talk and copious reading of online & print news.

At times it feels like things might abate and then everything plummets to new depths.

I found today's Y-Net article about soldiers freezing sperm before going into battle, however, quite interesting. Apparently several dozen have opted to do so thus far and if the status quo continues, the numbers will probably increase. Modern solutions for modern times during modern day warfare.


Savtadotty said...

Rapha's little red motorcycle awaits your return. I hope the cat comes back to greet you.

Stephanie said...

He'll be happy...I also hope Miss Kalikee returns. I broke the news to Rapha today and we both cried. Told him she's off partying with kitty friends..*sigh*

Swollen said...

What a beautifully written quote - and well chosen too. I have enjoyed reading of your visit to the U.S. these past few months and just wanted to wish you and Rapha well on your return to Israel.

Stephanie said...

tks S. Perfect timing for kind words..slf