Thursday, August 31, 2006

News Flash! Cure for Lesbian Tendencies in Holy Land Central (HLC)

If I weren't laughing about this next one I might be crying.

According to a YNet News story, a Tel Aviv suburb husband worried over his wife's cheating ways - with another woman - was advised by a local rabbi to pour "magic sand" on the lover's doorstep. In that way, the rabbi guaranteed, she'll come running back.

Read the full text here.

It didn't work. Especially when the guy got a bit over-zealous and upon seeing lesbian lover's dresses hanging on a laundry line out back, set them ablaze. She phoned police. He was arrested. In custody pleaded anguish over his wife's cheating ways. Was released.

What a nutter. I think what this guy REALLY needs is some magic potion followed by a special trip to the magic kingdom. Works for me.

over & out


lilfeathers2000 said...

Magic sand. Hmmmm. wonder if that would work for piss ants too?

Nominally Challenged said...

If I were married to him, I'd probably become a lesbian too, by the sounds of it - and I'm a guy!

Great finally meeting you at soup on Friday - you really are fabulous! (I knew it all along!)

Stefanella said...

Ach! Blush blush, wink wink...slf