Friday, October 20, 2006

Artist's Friday

See what I get up to in my spare time?
Cool, no?
I am such a huge liar, tra la la la la...
My cousin David in upstate NY
e-mailed these. What would you call this type of art? It's not origami but it's not Miss Daisy's school of paper cut-outs either.
Happy Friday regardless. May we all cut out our designs on the paper of life....ooooohhh now that was downright inspirational. Okay. I'm going.


Savta said...

I would call this type of art terrific!

(I think Manet's cut-outs are called decoupage.)

Nominally Challenged said...

Attempted comment #3:

Wow, these are great! What Savta said, but I'd change "terrific" to "fabulous", because that's just the type of annoying person I am.

Oh, and I think that 'decoupage' is just French for 'cut-out' (did I mention 'annoying' yet, by any chance)?

John said...

THese are cool. For an art project in college I did a cut out of wallpaper that took a billion hours to complete. These look more my speed.