Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Customer #1: This is not what I ordered. Where's the hamburger part of it, anyway? Or the extra piece of bread in the middle? There's nothing inside but pickles, lettuce and ketchup

Customer #2: We've been waiting a long time. What's going on back there?

Customer #3: Wow this place is filthy. Make ours to-go instead.

From the Kitchen (Hebrew) to Shift Manager: Dani, how do you make a Big Mac again? Can you come back here?

McDonald's, Tel Aviv


Shanah said...

HA! The best McDonalds I ever ate in was on Ben Yehudah street in Jerusalem. Granted, you couldn't get a cheeseburger, but man, CLEAN! And the meat was actual, real meat! And the veggies on the burger were actual, fresh veggies! How bizarre. I still have my tray liner, advertising Mickey-D's in Hebrew, somewhere around here. I don't care how bad the service gets in Tel Aviv-- you've still got the best McDonalds has to offer.

Stefanella said...

Quality wise in terms of the actual food, no doubt. I dunno about you, but I read Fast Food Nation and that was good'nuff for me. My son Rapha isn't allowed to eat at McD's in the U.S. The departure here from the rigid institutionalization of American fast food chains, however..let's just say there are some liberties, ahem, taken.