Thursday, October 19, 2006

...& Thank You, Mr. Spielberg!

This article claims Steven Spielberg is sniffing around to buy a penthouse in Tel Aviv's Florentine neighborhood, i.e. the city's "Soho" (so says the article. PULLLEEEEEZE, say I. Has the writer ever been to Soho?)

Allow me to be the first to welcome Mr. Spielberg to the Tel Aviv housing market. The same shark pit I have been slogging through for the past 2.5 weeks.

Of course, Steve (do you mind if I call you Steve?) , you won't have to deal. The sharks will bring the pit to you.

So on that note, allow me to be the first to thank the Big S for further increasing property values in an already inflated market. The so-called Soho - more like Queens on a sunny day - will get the boost of its lifetime. And we mere clownfish will be left facing ever more sharks.

(Yes, it IS all about me)


Nominally Challenged said...

Oh, this is rich (pun intended). One wonders not whether the author has been to Soho, but whether Spielberg has ever been to Florentine, particularly, say, after a heavy rainfall, and seen how the neighborhood suddenly becomes extremely similar to, um, Venice.
Steve, if you're reading this (and we can only hope that your press people scour the net for things written about you), do this country a favor please. If you must buy property here, then please buy cheap, renovate well and rent out to deserving tenants at (local!!) market prices. You are certainly not in need of an investment property in Tel Aviv, but you would be the darling of the city, if you were to do this minor act.
And yes, Stef, sometimes it is about you - you and others like you. Nothing wrong with that.

Love ya, hun!

Stefanella said...

Nominally Challenged For Mayor!!! No. Wait. Nominally Challenged for President!! No. Wait. Nominally Challenged for Global Chairman!! No. Wait. okay enough already. multiple kisses. i needed that

John said...

I'm with Stef for NC for whatever!

Steven Spielberg has been a shark expert since 1975.