Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Signed, Sealed, AHHHH!!!

We have officially signed on the non-dotted line for our new apartment.

One FINAL share - something I forgot to offer up prior: Going to see a place, the building elevator suddenly jolted to a halt between floors. (Luckily, young Rapha wasn't with me) I was terrified. Oh my god I'm stuck in an elevator and it's going to fall! This is how I'm going to die!! I rang the alarm. Nada. An excruciating half minute later, the lift began moving again.

Upon sharing the info with the current tenant: Oh yeah he says in blase mode. I should've said something about that. If you get too close to the door it stops and won't move again unless you move away from the sensors.


Anyhow... Rapha approves of the new place and favors his new downsized room. He had to contain his joy upon seeing the adjacent park.

Now up to eyeballs in boxes and deciding what goes with and what gets sold. Anyone need a bright blue, child's clothing cabinet? My stuff simply won't fit into the new place. I'm very much a non-chatchke person so minimalism here we come.

To the supporters and bearers of kind wishes: Mucho gracias

To the Tel Aviv housing market: Le'Azazel!!

To onward and upward: I'll drink to that

Cheers & beers. Moving day is on the horizon


Nominally Challenged said...

Fantastic news!!! mazal tov!!

By the way, did you actually read that page you linked to about hell?? LOL. Some people should get out more ...

Liza said...

Hurrah! I'm so happy for you! This is great!

Stefanella said...

I DID read the hell bit. Isn't it fab? I have to get to one of their meetings...LOL.

noorster said...

Actually, if you still have that cabinet....