Monday, December 18, 2006

Happy Harmonica!

Day four of candle lighting. Reporting from the front:

- The mall is NOT a place to be during the current Hannuka break. Not because, as in the U.S., the pre-Christmas buying frenzy is in full momentum. There are simply too many kids and people at the mall. And after all, a mall is a mall is a mall. Big Whoop.

- Oh how realities shift. Ironically, considering this is where it all went down, there is no Christmas here in Holy Land Central. At least not in Tel Aviv. No decorations. No glittery lights or tinsel. No plastic rooftop Santa, mall-sitting Santa, ringing bell Salvation Army Santa... No Santa, Nada.
- My father relayed via phone that a group of young Christmas Carollers showed up at his front door post-Hannuka candle lighting Friday night. He was scornful of my: "Sweet! Did you invite them in to spin the dreidel?" He is inundated and feeling Minority pangs.

- I miss some of the pretty hoopla. I admit it. If I lived in the U.S. I'd feel otherwise. I miss post-Christmas sales. Merchandise. Consumerism. Attractive displays. Ahhh!!!

- I don't miss egg-nogg, even the loaded with brandy kind.

- On the week's agenda: Visit to bee-honey producing farm, visit to goat farm to see how goat cheese is made and play with kids, see Luc Besson's new animated movie, ditto Aardman's claymation movie, candle lighting, Hannuka party, candle lighting, donuts, chocolate money, candle lighting.

- I don't like latkes. At all. Even gourmet ones (whatever that means)

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