Sunday, December 03, 2006

Jew Man

Here's some Happy Monday Trivia for Fans of Language:

In Japanese, the word for 10 is: Ju (pronounced just as you think it is)

In Japanese, the word for 10,000 is: Ichiman (pronounced like Scratchy's partner)

In Japanese, the word for 100,000 is: Juman (same as the first Jew)

What if the three got together? Would Ju be lesser than Juman because he doesn't have "man" attached to his name? And would Ichiman be envious of Juman because he is "itching" to be 100 rather than 10 thousand?

And like I didn't even need any mind altering substances to come up with all of this so it's probably time to get myself off to bed. But not before sharing one last tidbit:

In Japanese, the word for the "9th of the month" is: Kokonoka

The person who came up with that one was an ad exec who got confused between the fruity cocktail campaign and the Japanese government's numerical charts bid

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