Thursday, February 16, 2006

Big D in Da House!!!

One of my fave guys is in HLC (Holy Land Central) at the moment...

He is JUST all that. I saw him once by accident while walking down the street. He was riding in the holy limo through San Fran en route to a speaking engagement and the preceding police motorcade with lights a'flashin' screamed out: Take Notice. Person of Value En Route. 'Course, the D.L. being the D.L., the back window of his black stretch was open and he was semi-hanging out, smiling and waving to the crowds. And 'course being that at that very moment he was passing through a less fortunate city section (read: The Projects), several hoodsters noting my excitement ran over to inquire as to the celebrity's identity. Telling them didn't make a bit of difference. The who? Oh just make something up. Go home and tell your friends it was Prince.

Apparently His Holiness won't be meeting any government higher ups whilst in HLC. Newspaper speculation is that Israeli counterparts may be a bit too concerned w/what the Chinese may think...hmmmm


Gavriel said...

I'm not the one in power who has to make decisions while sitting in the hot seat, but if we wish the world to be even semi-courageous on our behalf, I wish we could find a way to meet with the D.L. Not saying it to condemn our government, just that I wish it were different. Oh well, what do I know?

Stephanie said...

...probably more than you think. The best part of it - which is why his holiness is so cool - is that he's unphased. No official meetings? More time to sightsee. ha ha ha ha ha