Wednesday, February 22, 2006


... the outpouring of support over the past days since Rapha's episode has been heartwarming, tear evoking and simply wonderful. Thanks, thanks, thanks to:

Tonny for being Rapha's dad and loving him so much, Mom & Dad for listening, advising and being there, Tonny's mom Linda for worrying and calling, Rachelle for care and concern, Josh for reaching out, Aunt Babe for calling, re-calling and calling again, Peggy & Doron for visiting, a coloring book & crayons, a thermos of coffee and much needed sandwiches, Tamar for dropping in, high grade chocolate, higher grade humor and Mentos, Jeff for love & concern, Steve for being there, Lauren for concern and offers of help, Laura for offering to dog-walk, Lisa for kindness, concern and offers of help, Allison for medical info, references and offers of coffee & alcohol, Orli the kindergarten teacher for calling and for rallying her classroom of artists, the kids in Rapha's kindergarten for drawings and sweetness, Nathan and his mom for caring, checking in and offering love and kisses, Ariel and her mom for calling and drawing a special picture, Gideon for well wishes, Swollen for concern and caring, Susie in Florida for thoughtfulness and a good heart, Natasha for advice and Noorster for kind thoughts and words (& impressive aerial shots)


Emah S said...

Glad he's home. Steal as many hugs as you can, YOU need it! My little Ilan (2 1/2) had knee surgery in Dec. I was with him when they put him under and I was traumatized. The fear and emergency that you felt must be taxing even more so. Do some healing.........for you both!

Thanks for the fever tips too, didn't know some of it....

take care,

Shira Salamone said...

Wow, scary! So glad your son is ok, and I wish him a r'fuah shlemah.

I'll post your info on febrile seizures on my blog. That kind of information has to be desseminated as widely as possible. It's a matter of pikuach nefesh.