Thursday, February 02, 2006

Miscellaneous Tel Aviv & Commentary

A few notes from writer-dungeon: It appears my 4-year-old offspring has found his first special friend. I am THRILLED to no end. Before I go on, for those of you non-parents out there contemplating offspring:

**I highly highly highly recommend it** It took me forever to do and then I berated myself for waiting so long. There is nothing as frightening as loving a person intensely while at the same time knowing you'll never be able to completely shield them from harm. The trade off is that the love creating that fear is fierce, one-of-a-kind and incredible.

Back to the point which is happiness over small stuff. Last month during a playdate, Rapha and his friend dressed up in Spiderman costumes, shared pancakes with syrup, ran amok in our apartment, ran amok on the playground and laughed the kind of belly laugh that hurts. Rapha hadn't cut up like that since August. His pal, unfortunately, returned to Canada when winter break ended. I wanted to cry.

So to see the former animated, radiant and mischievous Rapha resurface as he introduced me to "Natan" at kindergarten this week was heart soothing. He didn't need to tell me Natan's a special friend. It's obvious in the giggles, warmth and comraderie. How in the heck they communicate - Natan speaks Portugese and Rapha English only - is beyond me but who cares, eh?

And hot off the presses from Denmark: Tonny says "freedom of speech" and "the Danish newspapers can print what they want, dammit. What about offensive, Christ depictions in Arab language papers and magazines?" I personally think it may go south in a bad way but the important thing is that you heard it here straight from a Dane. Pass the Acquavit. Skoll.

Enjoy the pickies. They're completely irrelevant to the rant.

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