Friday, February 03, 2006

& Now A Word from Our Sponsor...

Yes, there are earthquakes, violence and serious political machinations taking place around the world but I just HAD to share this one:

Reading the comment section of a
fashion blog I particularly enjoy, I saw mentioned another fashion related site and so clicked on over for a gander.

When the Village Voice calls the writers the meanest queen(s) in the cafeteria, they're not kidding. Well worth a visit for sheer fun and witty style. But wait. There's more.

On their site, they link to
this video. G'head and watch it. You'll die laughing.

Okay, back again? See what happens when you spend too much time in tight swimwear? Poor David. But at least he seems to be enjoying himself.

Now check out this one from Britney Spear's pregnancy and die laughing again.

Aren't commercial breaks just great? That was our Fashion Moment...

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Swollen said...

Thanks for the laughs. Just what I needed. That Hasselhoff kills me!