Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Hottie in the House

One of the blogs I occasionally plug into is Kevin Sites' In the Hot Zone. He's been tooling around the Middle East now for at least a month and I was kinda wondering when he'd make it oer' this way. He has landed. Check it out.

Sites is a bit of a phenomenon: While embedded with U.S. forces/working for NBC in Fallujah a few years back, he captured incredibly bothersome and controversial footage of a U.S. Marine shooting a lying down on the floor/can't move because he's already wounded Iraqi inside a mosque. Labeled a hero by some for going public with the material, he was concurrently deemed a traitor for "betraying" the U.S. military and America.

Backed by Yahoo, 2 producers and a researcher, he now travels the world as a "Sojo" (solo journalist), blogging text and video with the aid of a laptop, satellite phones, transmitter and camcorder. He has won a number of awards and is a breakthrough phenomenon for his style and method of bringing the world's trouble spots to the masses via his blog.

Doesn't hurt that he's attractive in the rough and tumble, stubbley, needs a shower kind of way...

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