Sunday, April 30, 2006


I have loved Philip Seymour Hoffman since seeing him play drag queen Rusty Zimmerman to Robert DeNiro's NY cop Walt Koontz in Flawless. Lawdy, lawdy chillins...if you haven't seen it RUN to the video store at once. C'mon. It's Sunday. What else have you got goin' on?

Over the weekend I checked out capote. I'm smitten anew with PSH not to mention very affected by the film. It's subtlety and understatement is gorgeous as is adherence to period dress and mannerism. I'm intrigued by Truman Capote, very much interested in reading his novel In Cold Blood and particularly pleased by the fact that he was pals with my favorite of all authors, Nelle Harper Lee.

Hell, if you haven't seen that one either, get in on a Blockbuster 2 for 1 weekend deal and rent 'em both. Well worth it.


Dot Co Dot Il said...

PSH was phenomenal. Truly deserved his Oscar.

Ernest-jr said...

Indeed, Hoffman's performance was simply brilliant. Two thumps up!