Wednesday, April 12, 2006

We're Here

Chag Sameach (Happy Holiday) to my kin folk and virtual brethren worldwide celebrating Passover come sundown this evening. Rapha, Tonny & myself will be joining about 40 others at cousins Neil & Orna's who live just a hair inside the green line in a community called Kochav Yair. Picturesque natural setting and the scent of seasonally blossoming flowers and fruit trees will be heavenly.

My wishes for all:
  • Decent wine
  • A speed reader who gets you to the meal within half an hour
  • Lack of analytical relative insistent upon interpreting Haggadah texts aka Rashi
  • Not too bitter Maror
  • Find the Afikoman
  • Get the gift you truly desire for finding it
  • Relatives too tipsy to resume Haggadah reading after meal

Next Year in Jerusalem! (or this Friday or Sunday if you're headed up for Good Friday or Easter)...

(and yes, I know, Charlton Heston is an NRA loving bleep bleep bleep. But c'mon. Charlton IS Moses)


sistamar said...

chag sameach from brown u.., where i attended one of fourteen (yes, 14!) seders sponsored by campus hillel. my israeli companion here (on leave from technion studies for the year as a visiting student) chose the "freedom seder" flavor for us. pluralism -- a pretty word we israelis need to help become accepted more fully in HLC. one of the guys in my friend's fundamentalism class (yes, that's the course title) at brown, ali, an iranian-born muslim, participated in the seder. it was breathtaking singing with him and others present the traditional and nontraditional "freedom" songs and seeking truths, questions, and opinions throughout the order of the hagadda texts. kisses from one of probably 50 million mac labs on campus;-)

Stephanie said...

Sistah Tamar...You are a gem find. I envy your energy, free spirit and open heart. You freely sample whatever comes down your path. (I also miss you terribly. Hurry back or C U in Cincy) mucho love slf