Saturday, April 22, 2006

Happy E.D.

Guess what today is, mein kinderlach...??

Yeah, we all know it's my birthday. Duh.

It's also Earth Day!! And I am oh so proud to share the significant date.

In honor of E.D. I won't advocate hugging a tree or even planting one - although if you so decide, good on ya!

Instead, glide on over to this series. Richard Bangs is a renowned river expert who's been navigating the world's wet wonders for decades. He's also the co-founder of Mountain Sobek Adventure Travel in Emeryville, California - an outfit that'll take you on that vogage across the Bering Strait if your heart so desires.

While chronicling some of his latest adventures, he and his team voyaged down the Jordan River to the Dead Sea. If you read nothing of his travels, at least check this one out. Clueless me had no idea the Dead Sea is rapidly dying. Note to self: Visit with Raphael before it's too late.

Enjoy Earth Day and be kind to your environment...


ontheface said...

Happy birthday darling! How funny - our birthdays are only four days apart.

sistamar said...

another year of your being wiser, funnier... and more great stuff. here in DC, i am celebrating your b-day and your being my wonderful bicontinental blogger friend. oh joy and merriment for me and the rest of the planet. huggies to you!

Stephanie said...

thanks for the well wishes, girleez...Appreciated much. Lisa, are you on the "already wuz" b-day end or the "still too bee"? slf

Swollen said...

Happy Birthday Stephanie! Today is also my daughter Elinor's 11th birthday. She is very proud that it falls on Earth day as well.

Stephanie said...

Give Elinor my well wishes...slf