Tuesday, February 27, 2007


I'm still alive & kicking but ...panting as I go along. I'm BUSY.

Still posting over here so I haven't been home at "the Drive Thru" too much. Will remedy that tomorrow.

Today was to have been a rest-at-home-catch-up-make-dinner-chill day...HOWEVER...

- My keys went missing
- My son fell and cut his lip
- My son's playdate cried and wanted to go home so we had to backtrack and take him home
- We were locked out of the house (missing keys) for hours
- My sort of hurting ear turned into a full blown, throbbing ear infection
- When we got home at around 7 p.m. (FINALLY) after a long and exhausting day, I was unable to get online to surf or check mails due to technical issues with server

The Upsides:
- To make use of the down time while house keys were in transit, I popped over to visit my veterinarian friend. I've been asking to assist her during pet surgery for some time and it just so happened that a dog needing an operation came in while we were there (!) So I got to assist. Very interesting.
- I'm going to bed early. I'm exhausted
- I was pleased with myself for not freaking over the day's lost, precious time that was to be spent transcribing interviews, sewing my son's Purim costume and writing. Nothing I can do about how it all went down
- I'm off to BED!

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