Friday, February 23, 2007

Details, Details, Details

Hop on down to your corner newsstand and pick up a copy of the latest Details Magazine...therein you shall find an impressive spread on Tel Aviv and its party-night-life-edgy-trendy-wild-goings-on.

Tel Aviv Parties While Israel Burns - written by David Kaufman and photos by Sasha Bezzubov - paints a live-for-the-moment picture of a crowd ignoring "the sociopolitical reality" while hanging at cafes or grinding to beats at S&M clubs and gay hangouts.

Even at straight clubs, notes a gay army major,
the bathroom floors are covered with condoms by 3 a.m.

my, my, my


nikki said...

i guess we should shutter the clubs, dress in grey, and walk around with somber faces all the time to reflect our sociopolitical reality.

Stefanella said...

Au contraire, Nikki. It's certainly not my opinion nor, do I believe, is it Mr. Kaufman's (the article's author)who is apparently very much a part of the Tel Aviv "scene"...slf

nikki said...

tongue in cheek, stef... everyone needs a release, especially us ;-).