Sunday, February 11, 2007

Cereal, Jah Mon

A Saturday morning ritual at Chez Raph & Steph is sugar coated cereal. Raphael gets it once a week - on Saturday mornings - and each time the box runs out (average every two months), he chooses a new variety.

This week was purchase time and young Rapha opted for an Israeli brand - Telma's "Cocoa-Man" Chocolate Puffs. (gee, sound familiar?) The picture on the front of the box is of a Rasta looking guy playing an electric keyboard; on the back a graffiti-tagged brick wall is accented by an African man breakdancing in the fore.

Bubbled excerpts for reading while munching include information on "Breakdance" "Graffiti" and "Hip Hop". I share:

(Hip Hop) is an entire culture that was born on the streets of New York and started by African Americans who came to America. It had a rhythm unknown to the white man until that point.

Huh? Okay. Never mind. Get on with eating Cocoaman and I won't comment.

On a COMPLETELY different track, a link to a piece I wrote in today's San Fran Chronicle..

peace out all you Rasta, Hip Hop Rhythm fans!

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MonkeysMama said...

Very powerful piece! I can only imagine what she must feel having dreams like that. Ugh!

Although not quite on the same level, both of my parents were born in the concentration camps (Japanese). There is a TREMENDOUS sense of not forgetting what happened to us, and why.