Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Girrrrrls....Come On Already!!!

A word of advice to women the world over and particularly those in this country who have not yet evolved:


In other words, don't treat other women in a snake-like, vicious fashion unless they have truly earned it for behaving very badly.

What do I mean?

Well why don't I just illustrate with a personal example, hmmm?

Sitting in on a broadcast session earlier in the week for a potential voice-over job. The minute I walk into the room, the woman I'm ostensibly to learn from gives that vibe...You know the one. It's the look-you-up-and-down with spite and disgust, can't be bothered to glance in your direction again, don't you dare address me directly if you know what's good for you body language.

Clearly I don't know what's good for me because the minute the program director exits the room and we're alone together, I attempt to seize the opportunity - after very politely verifying that an interruption is appropriate - to ask her advice on negotiating a rate for said broadcasting position. Her clipped reply?

"Now is not the time to ask me. Maybe later. But just so you know, there is NOroom for negotiation. This is a pilot series. I don't get paid enough and we're all getting the same rate."

So it wasn't the time but she had the time to spew all of that other garbajeeolah in my direction? Like three words - two hundred dollars - would've been a strain? But it "wasn't the time"...Puuuuulleeeeezzze. Give me a break, Ms. I'm Too Important to Be Bothered with You.

Advice: Women in this country, you want to be evolved and have equal rights and rid yourselves of male oppression? Then stop treating other women like full time rivals out to steal something you have.

As former secretary of state Madeline Albright replied during a San Francisco Q&A to a question regarding her decision to make politics rather than motherhood a full time career:

(paraphrase) I don't think every woman is intended to be a full time mother
nor do I think every woman is cut out for a full time career. We're
all individuals with different needs.

But I will say, there is a special place in hell for those women who
treat other women badly for choosing one path over the other in life.

My heart still swells when I recall how the room exploded with applause.

Enough Said. Amen Madeline. Love you. Kiss kiss.

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