Tuesday, October 11, 2005

So why Stay?

What keeps us here in lieu of the headache, hassle and bureaucratic hell?

It's home - the short answer. Nowhere else has felt this much like home. In fact, the entire concept of "home" comes into question, I believe, when a person has grown up in one place and yet finds the feeling of well being in another place altogether. Almost like a calling or longing. Very deep.

Medium length answer: Gorgeous, sea-side sunsets, summer dresses and sandals in October, an un-bridled sense of freedom, subsidized education, not being afraid of walking through the park with my son after dark, subsidized agricultural and dairy goods, not having to be terrified of letting my son out of my sight on the playground or in public.

The long answer shortened: To loosely borrow from David Horovitz's A Little Too Close To God, The Thrills and Panic of A Life in Israel , being alive at a time when Israel actually is in a state of statehood, impinges a sense of obligation regarding dwelling here. And no, I'm not religious. That's the more philosophical, not hugely in-depth but could lead to a lengthy discussion answer.

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