Monday, October 10, 2005

It Gets Thicker...

We've had a helluva week...As one becomes more thickly entwined with this culture, the daggers begin to flash and all flightiness is reserved for end of the day madness which boils down to an exhausted dinner or a walk in the park with child and dog.

I mean, who'dve thought that signing a child up for preschool would take four hours and hinge upon a city tax bill being placed in the preschooler's mother's name? Who'dve thought that because the apartment the preschooler lives in is owned by a dead woman who never left an inheritance letter, the procedure of changing over said tax bill would necessitate numerous letters, official papers and multiple appearances at the municipality? Who'd have thought that ultimately, city clerks - paid nominal salaries for sitting behind desks and telling people to come another day because they're too busy 1) talking on the cellphone 2) eating yogurt 3) discussing weekend forays with the neighboring clerk - would ultimately suggest a way to cheat around the system? Suffice it to say that the day spent at the municipality was one from hell of many, I daresay, to be relished in the future.

I simply don't understand:

1) why it takes 4 hours to open a checking account (my mother thinks it's because the more steps and people involved in a process, the more jobs created)
2) how people can think they're pulling one over in broad daylight

Tonny asked tonight if I think Israelis are not all that great at business...Funny that. My reply can be offered via a shuk vendor's description of the dish towels he was selling:

"They look thin but really, they get thicker each time you put them in the laundry"....

Welcome to Israel. Have a Nice Day

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