Monday, October 24, 2005

A Moment of Melancholy

Glowy, Warm Ponderings and Speculation over....

- The realization that I will never re-experience the incredible burst of emotion felt when first visiting the beach upon arrival and sniffing the salty, sea air. The familiar scent of warm, sun-dried seaweed and the sound of the gently rolling waves prompted a surge of fond memories all buried in the unconscious for nearly a decade.

- The sharpness of observations: doves cooing in the early morning before traffic noises overtake, the enveloping, twilight stillness on holiday and Sabbath eves, the autonomy with which the elderly population continues flowing within the community, the speed with which laundry dries in the open air...This will eventually dull over time and I will eventually take things for granted

- The ease and enduring closeness of friendships lasting decades

- Eventually noticing the seams and inequities and questioning the decision to come here

How did I not notice date palms, visit the public library or set foot inside the art museum in years past?

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