Wednesday, October 19, 2005

My Pride & Joy

A Special, Holiday anecdote:

It's early morning - before 10 - on a holiday. Rapha wants to wear his Spiderman costume but...

1) it's in the 80's (30-something Celsius) outside and polyester doesn't breathe (go explain THAT to a 4-year-old)
2) because it doesn't breathe and said 4-year-old wears the costume from morning to night, it's well overdue for a visit to the laundry

I tell him no, explaining the above reasons. A temper tantrum ensues.

Suddenly, from the neighboring apartment a woman screams: "SHEKET!" (QUIET in Hebrew)

I say: "She's right, Raphael. It's a holiday morning and you're waking people up."

He goes very quiet and seemingly contemplating the matter, walks to the window sill and peers out to ostensibly get a look at the neighbor. Instead, he throws back his head and shrieks: "SHEKET!" into the silence.

That's my boy. Such an angel. I was laughing so hard I completely missing her shouted reply.

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