Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Work Ethic in Socialist Realms

A True Story:

My friend Steve who lives in the Netanya area was between jobs and receiving government unemployment benefits. Towards the end of the benefit wagon, he began job seeking, successfully interviewed with a company, negotiated terms and was advised by management: "We'll call you tomorrow and give you a start date."

It took two weeks for them to call, at which time, of course, they asked him to start the very next day.

"Just one minute," he calmly countered with the smug assuredness of the person who knows he's clinched the spot and the other party is desperate. "I still have a month left of unemployment benefits and next week, the World Cup starts. So I just don't know about starting right now."

On the other end, silence and then a counter proposal some hours later:

"How's about you start next week and on the days England plays, you can stay home and on the other days you come in...?"

When's lunch break again?

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