Thursday, June 22, 2006

Amerikansky Child

We've been here in Capitalism Central for nearly a week and young Raphael is rapidly picking up on U.S.-isms...Although he professes to missing Holy Land Central (HLC), he enjoys the plenitude here. Not surprising his languishing opposite the television whenever possible since we don't have one at home. Haven't for nearly a decade. Not because I'm a "burn your television" fanatic. I simply found myself not partaking so off the Sony went to garage-sale land.

Between Rapha's Spongebob Squarepants, Teen Titans, Sesame Street and The Kids Next Door sessions, he runs to the hallway bellowing: Mom! I want Trix Yogurt. Mom! Can you get me one of those things I saw just now? Mom! Do we have Fruit Loops Cereal? Mom! Come quick! There's a toy I want you to see! I want it! Isn't it awesome? Will you get it for me?

Trix Yogurt? I can just imagine the psychedelic colors and additives. And since when did the word awesome make its way into his verbal repertoire?

When I succeed in dragging him away from the screening room and out into nature for a hike, (i.e. down the street to the swimming pool or from the mall parking lot into the mall), he complains and whines. "It's hot. I want to go back home. I don't like this. I'm tired." Hot? Did he forget from whenst we just came?

As an alternative to standard television watching, we upgraded to plus-size viewing yesterday: A traipse to the cinema to view the latest Pixar film Cars. It opened here 2 weeks ago and is slated to open in HLC and Europe in July.

The scripting is weaker and sans clever nuances of previous Pixar greats Toy Story, Finding Nemo and The Incredibles but it's enjoyable, feel-good-happy-ending and the computer animated desert scenes are breathtaking. Is Pixar planning an airplane-themed future movie? There was a strong suggestive hint of it in one of Cars' scenes.

Next week Raph is off of television and on to boot camp i.e. summer camp. Won't that be fun? Pshawww. Doubtful, initially. Unless, of course, they're offering Trix Yogurt for midday snack.


Swollen said...

I don't know which is harder to believe, Trix Yogurt or no TV!

I often wish we had gotten rid of the TV early on as no matter how busy our over-programmed children are, they still rely on it.

Have fun in CC!


Ari said...

It's wierd how your kid looks just like a potato, making for a very ironic photo.

Stephanie said...

Yeah. Isn't it though? Scared to death of the peeler, he is. slf

Emah S said...

you joke, but my kids came home from camp the other day covered in some orange colors. "did you paint today?" I asked, "No," said the 'counselor'...."that's from their snack--cheeseballs!" ick.

glad he's having fun!