Thursday, June 08, 2006

Japan-Israel, et al

For her gig with Global Voices Online, Lisa recently posted about Sharvul, an Israeli blogger who lived in Tokyo for a stretch and moved back to Holy Land Central (HLC) last year. His writing style almost feels like a mentality meld of Japanese sifted through the English language with hints of Israeli sprinkled on top. I.e. subtlety with clarity and straightforwardness.

Check out his Japan Vignettes for intriguing insights into a culture I, for one, know next to nothing about.

Lisa also wrote that bloggers who claim to be too busy to file are usually just too out of it. Yes, that would be me.

Truth be known, I'm heavy into readying for summer in CC. Capitalism Central. America. Land of the free (unless you're Native American forcibly removed from your land or Mexican cutting grapes at pittance wages or African American brought over on a slave ship). Wave the flag, go grab yourself a slice of pie and pull up to the tube.

Which is what I'll be doing while spending a few months with the parents in Cincy and seeing friends in San Francisco. That and lounging poolside, indulging in hours of DVD watching, prowling for big bargain sale items, tearing it up with small child at amusement parks, doing light prep or front of house work for chef brother, drinking salt-rimmed Margaritas on the rocks and occasionally indulging in the obligatory sibling/parental unit feud. Oh yeah, and hitting cultural events like museums and art exhibits and gourmet eateries.

No funny ideas from anyone reading this and thinking of cleaning out the joint while we're gone (how self centered was that?). A Berkeley professor and her daughter will be staying here, thanks to globalization and Craigslist.

I highly recommend house swapping if you want to travel but also want the feeling of well being that comes with someone staying in your digs, watering plants, caring for animals, etc. while you're away. & if you're strapped for cash, it's a beautiful thing. I've been on both ends - renting from and renting to - in numerous locales.

A few good resources are the aforementioned, all-purpose Craigslist. For Hebrew readers Homeless rocks. If it's Israel you're specifically looking for, put up a posting on any of the Yahoo hosted, English language lists - Jaanglo (Jerusalem Anglo), Taanglo (Tel Aviv Anglo) and Raanana List and in no time flat you'll get replies. Visit Yahoogroups and go through the sign up motions.

What about the trust issue and handover of $$? Instinct, wire transfers, cousins and friends for putting up cash, contracts, trust. Follow the gut. That one is huge. If it doesn't feel right DON'T DO IT!!! (no matter how nice the person seems)

Signing off for now. Gifts to purchase, loose ends to tie...

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