Friday, June 30, 2006

The Gaza Mess

So I sat back and kept quiet for a few days. I figured being over here in Capitalism Central (CC) with singing birds, bellowing frogs, jumping fish and independent Heron, I should enjoy nature's beauty and observe.

However, I can't ignore what's happening 'oer yonder in HLC because this is the frightening glued-to-the-radio-and-television stuff that seasonally throws the entire country into a frenzy of debate, angst and fury.

Hamas shouldn't have taken him. Stupid move. And my guess is that the faction members who came up with the bright idea of nabbing a soldier with the perverse notion of using him as a bargaining chip are now sweating it out.

But how to get rid of him and save face? They HAVE to be able to save face. All important in the eyes of their supporters who, regardless of what is said publicly to media members, will eventually turn their backs on the same people they voted in if the infrastructure continues to be destroyed. Back in the day, did you ever hear declarations of disdain for Arafat uttered publicy by his brethren? Get them behind closed doors, however, and it was a different matter entirely.

Egypt's involvement in this crisis is a good thing because they bring into the mix the good cop voice of reason that will allow Hamas to save face. I hope. If Hamas kills Gilad Shalit the offensive will worsen, I fear. Which may be the card they decide to play since ultimately, the longer Israel stays or pushes further in, the worse Israel's public image.

Should Israel have gone back in? I'll have to mull that over. Cutting electricity and water to half a million people and unilaterally arresting cabinet members is not on. However, what is the ultimate objective? To release a soldier and send several clear messages? Or to re-occupy? That is not a motive.

If Hamas has an eye on longevity and ultimately playing on the international field, they're going to have to cut out the cowboy tactics and reign in the missile lobbing. Even Arafat had to eventually give up hijacking.

My two cents. Back to la la...

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