Monday, June 19, 2006

Going to Hell at High Speed

On a collision course here in Capitalism Central, Rapha and I are speeding towards Hell as quickly as we possibly can. Our day thus far:

1) Wake up 5:30 for me/7 a.m. for Rapha
2) Eat a bowl of sugar-coated breakfast cereal with skim milk
3) Dress, futz around, pack bag for swimming pool
4) Walk to swimming pool, spend an hour and a half reading and lazing in sun 5) Return home before midday, eat snack, nap
6) Rapha takes up Day 3 of Cartoon Watching Vigil
7) Wake up, bathe, snack, check computer and putter around in mom's boudoir applying lipsticks, mascaras, eye pencils, glosses, powders and sheens. I feel like a Stepford Wife. **
8) Rapha eats spaghetti
9) Phone talk with younger brother
10) Raph baths under threat of being barred from watching Nick forever and ever, amen.

We're Bored.
Without vehicle or family for entertainment, staying in a complex at least a mile from shopping lifelines, without public transport...cut off. This sucks. But thank goodness for things temporary. Vehicle from manana at which point television rationing, physical activity and public outings will ensue.

More to come...

**14 Lancome lipsticks, 18 lip and eye liners, 6 eye shadow compacts and countless brushes, glosses, blushes and creams in my mom's stuff. Poor Patty. What a disappointment I must have been!

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Anonymous said...

I am sorry that you are bored. What can I do?
Youngest Brother