Sunday, July 02, 2006


I continue to watch as events unfold in Holy Land Central, the heat rising to boiling. Threats, rhetoric, leadership confusion, UN condemnation, futility, military strikes.... I wouldn't trade my life there for the current state of serenity here, however. Which literally looks like this:

Parky's Farm


Liza said...

And I really enjoyed being away for it all. Stepping back into life here after a month in the US was like having someone throw a bucket of ice-cold water at you - almost a shock to the system.

MoeJoe770 said...

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Stephanie said...

Hey Moe Joe.

Don't use this blog as an unsolicited advertising venue. It's tacky and I don't want your stuff here. slf

Savtadotty said...

Hi Stephanie,
I'm having a different Change of Scenery experience: I'm in a shopping-and-status-obsessed part of the country, and I long for the serenity of my Tel Aviv bubble!

Stephanie said...

You're in L.A.!!! Well girrrrl, get yourself on over to the boutiques and start charging! What a laugh. Especially knowing you. I'm headed your way in 2 weeks albeit to the more serene, zone up north. sigh.