Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Eye Opener

Want a revelation (or reminder)? Read this piece by IDF reservist Arik Diamant.

An excerpt:

...We brought him tied up, with a burlap sac over his head, to a Shin Bet
interrogation center known as "Scream Hill" (at the time we thought it was
funny). There, the prisoner was beaten, violently shaken and sleep deprived for
weeks or months. Who knows.
No one wrote about it in the paper.
European diplomats were not called to help him. After all, there was nothing out
of the ordinary about the kidnapping of this Palestinian kid. Over the 40 years
of occupation we have kidnapped thousands of people, exactly like Gilad Shalit
was captured: Threatened by a gun, beaten mercilessly, with no judge or jury, or witnesses, and without providing the family with any information about the
The piece goes on to advocate a prisoner release and question the morality of imprisonment without trial or sentencing. Worth a read.

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