Sunday, July 16, 2006

My Idea of Hell

Indulge me for a moment as I recap: Being in Capitalism Central (CC) while it all goes down in Holy Land Central (HLC) is HELLLLLLLLLL!!!!!

Helpless feelings of frustration overwhelmed today as images of Haifa's wrecked train station and pools of blood along the platforms filled the screen. Forget logic; being here is surreal and non-sensical for me right now.

HOWEVER, the vacation was planned with intentions of spending time with my parents; that's what we're doing. I find it amusing that when e-mailing or IM'ing my American friends, they ask if I plan to return to HLC when our vacation ends. Israelis, on the other hand, commiserate: Being there must be difficult while this is happening.

Responses vis a vis "the situation" are mixed. A few write that all is routine and that Israelis being Israelis, the beach and cafes are populated and life goes on. More than a few say they're worried. Extremely. A Tel Aviv friend wrote that her daughter's summer camp had a special visitor today: an officer who explained what to do if the air raid sirens go off. She and Raphael are classmates.

As I write, Rapha watches cartoons in the adjoining room...


Anonymous said...

Hi Steph!

We miss you, too...

And I'm glad you are there relaxing and having fun. You shouldn't have any regrets.

Frankly, I'd swap places with you. If this drags on, my kids will go stir crazy. I'm starting to regret that this is the summer I decided to stay put and not go visit my parents in CC.


Stephanie said...

Thanks, dear. Keeping up w/ur posts. Almost commented on one but decided not to...See you in another month...