Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Sharing the Moment

A few images to share - not asked for but hell, that's the nature of the blog.

The house I grew up in and still dream about on occasion (AWAY from the burbs), the "peace garden" at Cincinnati's Zoo and a dormant white lion. Want a shocker? Go to an "enlightened" zoo and read how many animals are on the extinction danger list, elephants and certain frog species included. The only white lions left these days are in captivity. I vowed, prior to motherhood, not to support zoos or visit one. Mamash.


Ari said...

So now you went to a zoo. Great! Before you know it you'll be buying your kids Kool-Aid, marshmallow fluff, guns and flags with blue stripes with a blue star made by other kids in China. Welcome to the real world! Now take me out of it.

Stephanie said...

Not so, Master Ari. We have been to other zoos yet never got hooked into fluff or kool aid or guns. But you have a salient point and it's also the reason I live in HLC and not here, ironically enough what with the ongoing state of affairs where you are at the moment...slf