Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Pet Peeve

Here's a share: I loathe Hummers. But really. Seeing them on city streets sends me to Berserkville.

City and highway cruising is NOT what they're meant to be doing; Why in the hell does ANYONE need a military vehicle - because that's what General Motors originally built them for - in the middle of Cincinnati? To handle those tight corners at McDonald's Drive Thru?

And excuse me but the last time I saw anything off-road around these parts it was a flock of gosling being led to the local pond by their ma. Extreme African terrain is one thing as is evacuating wounded soldiers. But driving the kids to soccer practice at a ratio of 9-16 miles per gallon while natural fuel resources disappear? I just don't get it.

Another thing: After reading Don't Let's Go to the Dogs Tonight I add Land & Range Rovers to the list. For those not rushing out to the local bookstore, it's a memoir recapping author Alexandra Fuller's childhood in 1970's Rhodesia with her English, colonizing family as the war begins.

One chapter includes a dramatic description of travel through unpaved, extremely rough terrain in the family Land Rover, getting stuck and making it out of back country wilderness solely based on the car's superb engineering - intended for just that.

Why in the hell do people need the same vehicle for shuttling to board meetings?

Rant Complete. Over & out.


Riihele said...

Hei Steph.

To answer your last question/exclamation:

They must be lacking somewhat in other departments.

Anonymous said...

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