Thursday, July 20, 2006

Ms. Williams, I Presume

Last night's match was fab. Serena looked strong, played well and pretty much breezed through the match beating Russian opponent Nastasia Myskina 6-2, 6-2 for the best of three.

There were a few exciting volleys, the play was fluid and Ms. W's lime green shirt, matching headband and white, scalloped tennis skirt really worked on the fashion side of matters.

I kinda felt sorry for Ms. Myskina what with the "Serena!" "Go Serena!" "We Love You Serena!" "REEEENA!" randomly yelled out by enthusiastic fans eager to witness a Williams comeback after her six month hiatus. The umpire, more than once, called for quiet.

After my own personal, extremely looooong hiatus from viewing live tennis, it was quite a pleasant surprise to find scores of African American tennis officials, aficionados and casual observers in attendance.

Working summers throughout my teens at a local tennis club as a swim instructor/lifeguard, I viewed A LOT of tennis (and played on occasion as well). Aside from Arthur Ashe or my friend Ronny DeLyons who had a wee crush on me - and an embarrassing habit of grunting rather vocally during TENNIS volleys - I don't recall ever seeing people of color at the club or playing in tournaments.

And here's a passing stat: Serena's serve clocked in at an average 128 mph last night. Imagine getting nailed by one of those...

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