Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Attie & Me

I'm not much of one to post images of myself. I prefer the privacy factor.

However, a friend recently sent me this one of myself w/Atticus, my Golden Retriever who I've been writing about here for the past few weeks. I like the picture and well hell...

Rapha started school on Sunday (a day not just for church anymore here in Holy Land Central, my friends). Thank goodness he's happier and doesn't have that dull, red under the eyelids "I've been through kindergarten hell" look on his face when I retrieve him each day. In fact, he has taken to humming as we bicycle en route home through the upscale neighborhood housing his school. It's in a part of Tel Aviv - Kikar Ha'Mdinah, for the in-the-know crowd - where if you wanted to buy a pair of Jimmy Choo's you could. When they say kids crave routine and thrive in familiar environments, "they" are right.

Onward & upward. Stories to write, deadlines pressing...

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